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Edward Albrecht

As an Investment Advisor, my passion for finances began at a very young age. My Grandmother, by necessity, needed to develop a reliable income stream. She was guided by an Advisor who suggested she purchase stock in companies known for consistent and meaningful dividend yields. She showed me how and where to identify these companies. And so, my investment education began. In the years that followed, I came admire the impact a trusted advisor can have on someone by always looking out for her best interests. Offering personal help and the impact it provides, was an important lesson I learned from her and have carried that lesson throughout my professional life.

After graduating from Martin Van Buren High School in Queens Village, New York, I put myself through college at Long Island University and received a B.S. in Business Management and Finance. I then began by business career in Manhattan. All the while, furthering my education after work, at New York University. In 1973, I accepted a new position with a bright future in California. Then to my surprise, a few months after arrival, I met my wife and suddenly my life in California took on a new meaning.

I began my financial career in 2001 as an Advisor with the MetLife Private Client Group.
The MetLife brand was very well known and respected, with many product offerings.
However, in 2013, I felt it was time to do what I really wanted and became an independent financial advisor.

I feel very strongly about the freedom of product independence. This led me to Kestra Financial, where I continue to provide families and small businesses with personalized financial advice related to retirement planning, investment management, insurance, social security,
long-term care and estate planning. As an Independent Advisor, I offer a relationship that blends financial experience, good judgement, and personal attention. I find, the best way to help is by obtaining a thorough understanding of what matters most to someone, their family, their business interests and how your chosen priorities can best be reached. Then, engineer the most efficient plan possible, by collaborating with the industries best tools and resources to support his, hers or their family’s financial future.

I also fulfill a passion for helping young adults find their way in life by giving of my time and energy. Since 2015, I have enjoyed my role as Chair, for The Foundation for Pierce College. We have a wonderful Board of Directors who actively help with many philanthropic initiatives to raise funds for student scholarship opportunities.

When not helping clients or working with the Foundation, I love spending time with my wife, sharing time with our family, watching our sweet as can be little Granddaughter Chloe grow-up, and take in an occasion round golf.