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  • Finding a plan that is right for you

Plan administration has many challenges. The rules regarding employer-sponsored retirement plans are very complex and easy to misinterpret.

If you are considering a retirement plan for your business, ask a plan professional to help you determine what works best for you and your business needs.

I design and manage company 401(k) plans that also include advanced design features. These features are cost sensitive, benchmarked for competitiveness, professionally managed, and administered.

In addition, even after you have decided on a specific type of plan, you will often have several options in terms of how the plan is designed and operated, directly impacting:

  • the number of employees that must be covered,
  • the amount of contributions that must be made,
  • the way those contributions are allocated (i.e., the amount that is allocated to an owner).

I invite you to to discuss your situation and together we can prepare a plan based on your specific needs.

  • Plan Design and Management
  • Create a plan you will not outgrow
  • Administrate your plan with care
  • Benchmark your plan on a frequent basis
  • Remember that you, the employer, are responsible for keeping your plan in compliance.
  • Keep up with the rules for Retirement Plan Reporting and Disclosure.
  • What Employers Need to Consider

It is important to:

Devise a plan to offer workers a good benefits package. Most employees expect certain benefits which include medical, dental and retirement. These plans help attract the best talent, can reward a company’s key contributors and also recognize those employees that keep the company humming from day to day.

The Biggest Mistake:

It is not as expensive as you think. When increased employee retention and tax incentives are considered, the plans can save the employer money in the long run.

The Biggest Secret:

In competing for the best employees, many small business owners are under the misconception that while they may be able to match salary offers with their counterparts at larger firms, they cannot compete when it comes to benefit packages, especially employment retirement plans.

  • Is benchmarking required?
The Department of Labor requires plan fiduciaries ensure that your 401(k) expenses are reasonable.
  • To avoid fiduciary liability, most experts suggest benchmarking your plan every 1-2 years.
  • Benchmarking can protect plan fiduciaries , reduce plan fees, and maintain the quality of service and advice your employees deserve.
  • In other words, it also ensures you are always prepared with a clear, unbiased, data- supported assessment of how your 401(k) is evaluated when compared to similar plans.
  • The scope of my services helps plan sponsors obtain a formal independent benchmark report for your plan’s overall performance. Benchmarking analytics often reveals surprisingly unexpected results and is the most fiduciary responsible tool to examine your plan.
  • Primary areas of benchmarking:
  • Investment benchmarking. Provide peer comparisons for fund menu design, performance, fees, diversification, and criteria for investment selections. This will determine if corrections are appropriate or if current positions are reasonable and fair.
  • Plan management oversight. Review service providers and fiduciary liability risks. Determine if a prudent process was used to carry out plan functions.
  • Participant Financial Wellness. Learn if there is an actionable process in place to help plan participants receive financial education, support, and plan experience
  • Participant Financial Wellness
  • Determine your goals to become fiscally healthy
  • Calculate your tolerance to risk
  • Seek professional help to broaden your financial IQ
  • About Me
  • Since 2001, I have specialized in the small business retirement plan market. I hold the valued C(k)P Designation. This identifies advisors who have demonstrated competency and experience in the retirement field and agrees to adhere to a code of conduct and ethics.
  • Operational excellence and reaching a higher standard are the target values of all my reports.
  • I invite you to share a few moments of your time with me, to answer any questions you may have.

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